Creating Scan Report

When the scan is finished or stopped you can easily save an export of the scan results. Exports are available in PDF and JSON formats.

For saving the vulnerability scan report, move your mouse over the “report” button. A menu will pop up where you can choose either PDF or JSON format.

Create Vulnerability Scan Report

PDF Report

Choose the PDF option on the report pop-up menu, to save the scan results in a nice PDF format including an executive summary along with all the details.

Download a sample PDF report

JSON Export

You also export scan results in JSON format which is suitable for both humans and machines to read and parse. Select JSON on the report popup menu to export scan details in a JSON file.

The JSON export has a summary of the vulnerability scan and every issue detail. The structure of the JSON file is as below:

  "version": "1.15.0",        // version of SmartScanner
  "date": "Sun Jul 24 2022",  // scan date
  "duration": "5″",           // scan duration
  "requests": 22,             // total sent requests
  "risk": 3.2,                // the calculated risk for the target
  "status": "stopped",        // scan status (finished or stopped)
  "target": "http://target",  // starting url
  "issues": [
            "customFields": {...}, // additional issue information
            "details": "...",
            "http": [
                    "request": "GET / HTTP/1.1...",
                    "response": "HTTP/1.1 200 OK..."
            "id": 446901669, // unique id for the issue
            "impact": 4,     // 1=High, 2=Medium, 3=Low, 4=Informational
            "name": "Issue Title",
            "restriction": 0,// >0 means details are excluded (in Free version)
            "url": "Affected URL"

Most of the fields are self-explanatory. Here is more information about some fields.


This is an object of associated properties with the issue. For example, an Email Address Disclosure vulnerability might have a list of found email addresses like below in the customFields.

"customFields": {
    "Found Emails": [
        "[email protected]",
        "[email protected]"


Some vulnerabilities are only available in the Pro version. When using the Free version, some issue details are restricted. The restriction field shows whether the issue details are complete or restricted. The value 0 means no restriction is applied on reporting the issue details. Any other value indicates that some details are excluded. You can use SmartScanner Pro version to have complete details of all vulnerabilities.

Download a sample JSON export

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