SmartScanner Web Vulnerability Scanner Features


Compared to blind automated scanners, SmartScanner is empowered by AI and machine learning. This makes it a smart security scanner. Therefore, the findings of SmartScanner are more reliable.

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Easy to Use

As easy as point and click! You just need to enter the target URL and hit the scan button. SmartScanner scans the whole website and runs related tests for the underlying web application, operating system, and other components.

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Starting a scan in SmartScanner

Comprehensive Security Tests

SQL Injection, Cross-site Scripting, OWASP top 10 security risks, and many other vulnerability tests are implemented in SmartScanner.

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Built For Modern Web

Use SmartScanner for both back-end and front-end security. Test security of web applications written in PHP, Python, .Net, NodeJs as well as Single Page Applications (SPA) and emerging technologies like JAMStack, serverless, PWA, React, Vue.js, and much more.

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Found issues for a Joomla! Component

WordPress and Web Application Security

SmartScanner automatically detects if your website is using WordPress, Drupal, Joomla!, Shopify, or any other other CMSs. Then, dozens of specific tests for that application will be run to find security holes.

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Vulnerability Assessment of Web Components

Using components with known vulnerabilities is in the top 10 security risks. SmartScanner can identify outdated and vulnerable third-party applications. It also provides actionable mitigations for managing found vulnerabilities.

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