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5 Security Vulnerabilities You Can Fix Right Now

We usually think security and hacking are complicated—at least it’s super geeky in movies—but you will be surprised to see how easy you can fix some security problems even without programming knowledge. Let’s review and fix them right away.

3 min read

Apache and Express Path Traversal plus Nginx Restriction Bypass Tests with SmartScanner

15 new CVEs for Apache, Nginx, OpenSSL, and Express included in version 1.10 of SmartScanner. Download it now!

1 min read

Complete guide to HTTP Headers for securing websites (Cheat Sheet)

HTTP Headers are a great booster for web security with easy implementation. Proper HTTP headers can prevent security vulnerabilities like Cross-Site Scripting, Click-jacking, Packet sniffing and, information disclosure.

7 min read

SmartScanner v1.9 as Joomla! Security Scanner

SmartScanner version 1.9 was released with 22 new tests for Joomla!® and test counts are going to go up!

1 min read

These 7 PHP mistakes leave your website open to the hackers

Make these mistakes and hackers will attack your web application using Cross Site Scripting, SQL Injection, Path Traversal, and other attacks to take over your website.

4 min read

44 New SQL Injection Tests for WordPress in SmartScanner 1.8

SmartScanner version 1.8 was released with new SQL Injection tests for WordPress and improved weak password testing.

1 min read

Better Passive Vulnerability Testing with SmartScanner version 1.7

Windows HTTP Stack vulnerability test and more passive tests in the new version of SmartScanner.

1 min read

Top Information Gathering Methods Explained

Sometimes information gathering is enough for a hacker to break into a system. Information gathering also known as *footprinting* or *reconnaissance* is the first step of security testing of any target which is used by both hackers and security professionals.

6 min read

Find the ShellShock Bug and Application Errors Faster

SmartScanner version 1.6.0 is now smarter with new features! Some new features are testing the ShellShock bug, fuzzing parameter names, finding application errors, and more.

2 min read

How do hackers hack websites?

In the movies, hacking is like fast keyboard typing and hitting the Enter but in the real world, hackers find and exploit vulnerabilities to hack websites.

4 min read
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