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Better Passive Vulnerability Testing with SmartScanner version 1.7

Windows HTTP Stack vulnerability test and more passive tests in the new version of SmartScanner.

Top Information Gathering Methods Explained

Sometimes information gathering is enough for a hacker to break into a system. Information gathering also known as *footprinting* or *reconnaissance* is the first step of security testing of any target which is used by both hackers and security professionals.

Find the ShellShock Bug and Application Errors Faster

SmartScanner version 1.6.0 is now smarter with new features! Some new features are testing the ShellShock bug, fuzzing parameter names, finding application errors, and more.

How do hackers hack websites?

In the movies, hacking is like fast keyboard typing and hitting the Enter but in the real world, hackers find and exploit vulnerabilities to hack websites.

Test for Drupal and Joomla! vulnerabilities with SmartScanner version 1.4

As of SmartScanner version 1.4 you can test your Joomla! or Drupal website for known security vulnerabilities.

Why you should use passive vulnerability scan on your website

A passive vulnerability scan is a type of security scan in which the scanner sends no unusual request to the server. It is like a visitor browsing the site.

Version 1.1 with new tests is out now

Better vulnerability scanning with new tests like EL Injection and WordPress user enumeration.

14 Software Security Terms You Should Know

Everybody in the IT industry should be aware of software security basics. Here's a guide to essential software security terms.

The very first version of SmartScanner is released 🎉

We’re so proud to announce the version 1.0.0 of the SmartScanner was just released. Download it now!

Test security of your weblog by SmartScanner. It's free!