The Best Ebooks Beginners and Experienced Programmers Alike Can Read to Get Better at Secure Coding

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Security is a top priority when developing applications and software, and programmers must keep it in mind throughout the whole development process. Our “10 Secure Coding Best Practices to Follow in Every Project” post highlights important steps to help create more secure software. Updating components, using trustworthy packages, proper encoding, and writing clean code are standard practices for every beginner and experienced programmer. But if you’re looking for more guidance or want to brush up on the basics, ebooks can be a great resource to turn to for learning more about secure coding and how to get better at it.

Why ebooks?

With so many resources for learning coding, why ebooks? Ebooks are accessible and affordable resources; platforms can give you access to thousands of ebooks for a low cost or even for free. You can read a wide selection of computer and programming books on Everand, like Coding for Dummies by Nikhil Abraham or Alex Nordeen’s Python: Learn Python in 24 Hours. Books on topics like applications and software, certification guides, databases, and more are available with a flat monthly fee that costs roughly one physical book. Other apps like Libby allow you to borrow ebooks free of charge using your library card. It’s like borrowing a book from a library but with the convenience and flexibility of the digital age.

Ebooks combine the tried and true learning method of reading with the accessibility and convenience the online world offers. If you want to learn more about secure coding through ebooks, here are some titles you can start with:

Best ebooks to learn secure coding

Alice and Bob Learn Application Security by Tanya Janca

Alice and Bob Learn Application Security is an excellent resource that provides a comprehensive and easy-to-understand guide on the best security practices in software development. This ebook covers all the fundamental topics, such as common coding mistakes, secure code writing, and ways to test for security vulnerabilities. It also delves into complex and advanced topics about the security of modern software systems and architectures. The book uses analogies, real-life examples, technical explanations, and diagrams to explain many abstract and complicated subjects, making it easy to understand and follow. It’s great for beginners and for more experienced programmers who want to get back to the basics.

Hacking: The Art of Exploitation by Jon Erickson

This ebook takes a unique approach to learning about security vulnerabilities by teaching you how to think like a hacker. Hacking: The Art of Exploitation covers various topics, including network security, cryptography, web application vulnerabilities, and more. The ebook also comes with a range of hands-on exercises that allow readers to test their understanding and apply the concepts covered in the book. It’s a great way to understand the potential weaknesses in your code and learn how to patch them. It also touches on the ethical aspects of hacking and how it can be used lawfully so programmers can apply important security principles correctly when coding.

Secure by Design by Daniel Sawano, Dan Bergh Johnsson, and Daniel Deogun

With applications and software increasing in complexity, programmers and developers must design with security in mind at every step of the coding and development processes. Secure by Design teaches readers how to apply the best patterns, best practices, and mindsets to software development, as well as find shortcomings in the legacy code and address them. At the code level, you’ll discover constructs like safe error handling, secure validation, and domain primitives, and even how to use techniques centered on security throughout the build-test-deploy pipeline.

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