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3 reasons why any website's security is important

Have you ever wondered why hackers are interested in your small personal website?

4 min read

How to Secure Your WordPress Website

Knowing how to secure your WordPress website can protect the site from hackers and malware. This article shows you how to implement this protection.

11 min read

Update Cheat Sheet for Developers

How to keep your project packages and development environment update to date.

3 min read

SmartScanner Version 1.15 Released

JSON report and better dynamic javascript evaluations added.

1 min read

CSRF, XXE, and 12 Other Security Acronyms Explained

Acronyms are shortcuts, and we love using them, specially the catchy ones! Let’s decipher some commonly used acronyms in the cyber security industry.

3 min read

10 Secure Coding Best Practices to Follow in Every Project

Let’s see how we can make more secure software.

4 min read

Test Apache Tomcat and Apache Struts Vulnerabilities with SmartScanner 1-14

SmartScanner version 1.14 released. It now can scan Apache Tomcat/Struts and Java vulnerabilities.

1 min read

Is a Serverless application more secure? No, it's not!

They’re not as serverless as it sounds and not more secure than other applications.

6 min read

SmartScanner 1.13 now has logs and more Joomla! tests

SmartScanner version 1.13 released. It now can scan more vulnerabilities for Joomla!

1 min read

Is your robots.txt file vulnerable? Here's how to check and secure it

A bad configured Robots.txt file is like a welcome sign to your website for hackers. Let’s see how to set up an efficient and secure robots.txt.

3 min read
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