SmartScanner Version 1.15 Released

JSON report and better dynamic javascript evaluations added.

Modern web applications heavily depend on front-end JavaScript functionalities. JavaScript is used for creating reactive content, validating forms, and performing different actions. SmartScanner has a built-in module to interpret JavaScript on web pages, so it can submit forms and crawl the website. In this version, new changes have been deployed to add support for the Javascript Fetch API. This feature improves SmartScanner’s capability for covering all the contents and resources in websites using AJAX and new frameworks like ReactJS, Vue.js, and Angular.

Below are major changes in this version.

  • Improved dynamic JavaScript evaluation module for full capturing of Fetch API, supporting all HTTP methods and custom headers.
  • In addition to PDF reports, now you can export scan results in JSON format.
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes

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Read the changelog for details of new changes.

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