Web Scanner, A Must Have Tool For Web Developers

A review about web scanners and how they can be a secret weapon to gain competitive advantage for developers.

As the internet grows and technology advances, web development has become more complex, and so has web security. Web developers must use tools that can help them ensure that their websites are secure. Let’s see how using a web scanner can help with that.

Web Scanners in Developer’s Toolset

Web development is a challenging job that requires a solid understanding of programming languages, web development frameworks, and emerging technologies. Web developers are responsible for different aspects of a web application, including interface design, information architecture, and website performance optimization. Collaboration with other developers, designers, and stakeholders can add extra complexity to the development process.

Web developers use various tools to create and maintain websites, including text editors, IDEs, version control systems, and testing frameworks. However, one tool that is often overlooked is a web scanner.

A web scanner is a tool that can detect security vulnerabilities in web applications. It is an essential tool for web developers to ensure website security.

Benefits of Using a Web Security Scanner For Developers

Web developers have numerous responsibilities, including the creation of secure applications. However, web security is a complex domain that requires a different skill set and extensive experience to become an expert. Security testing of web applications requires knowledge beyond web development. Using a web scanner can assist web developers in identifying and resolving security vulnerabilities.

Here are some benefits of using a web scanner for web developers.

  1. It saves time and effort by quickly and accurately scanning websites, allowing developers to focus on other aspects of website development.
  2. Web scanners can improve a developer’s skills by exposing them to new vulnerabilities and best practices for resolving them.
  3. It can boost productivity by automating much of the testing process, enabling developers to spend more time developing new features or improving existing ones.
  4. Web scanners can also enhance a developer’s reputation by demonstrating a commitment to website security.
  5. It can help developers avoid legal issues by ensuring compliance with industry regulations and standards.
  6. Web scanners can identify security issues before they become a problem, which is crucial because it is much easier and cheaper to fix security issues before they are exploited by hackers.
  7. By using a web scanner, developers can improve user experience by identifying and fixing security issues that may affect the UX of a website.

How to Test Security of Your Web Application With a Web Scanner

Several types of security testing are commonly used to identify and address security vulnerabilities in web applications. Penetration Testing, Source Code Analysis, and Vulnerability Scanning are common types of security testing. Manually conducting these tests requires a lot of knowledge and experience. If you’re not a security expert, you can still perform security testing of your web application. All you need is the right tool. For instance, you can use a web scanner or a DAST tool.

DAST stands for Dynamic Application Security Testing, which is a type of security testing that involves testing the security of an application while it is running in a live environment.

There are many Web Scanners that can do a DAST on your website. Following is a list of top free web scanners.

  1. OWASP ZAP: Free and open source. Actively maintained by a dedicated international team of volunteers.
  2. Vega: Web security testing platform to test the security of web applications.
  3. Wapiti: Wapiti allows you to audit the security of your websites or web applications.
  4. SmartScanner - Website Vulnerability Scanner: While other tools may not be as user-friendly, SmartScanner stands out for its simplicity and intuitive interface.

Using SmartScanner for Automated Web Security Test

SmartScanner is a DAST tool that scans websites for vulnerabilities and security issues. It uses Artificial Intelligence, passive scanning and active methods to identify security issues. SmartScanner can check for a range of security issues, including SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), and other vulnerabilities.

SmartScanner performing a website scan in 1 simple step

SmartScanner is easy to use, and it automatically browses your application, navigates to different pages, runs JavaScripts, and fetches remote APIs to find web vulnerabilities. SmartScanner provides reports specific details for every vulnerability along with remediation and mitigation steps so you can fix vulnerabilities easily.

Download SmartScanner, scan your website, and discover your web security problems.

Scan security of your website with SmartScanner for free