SmartScanner v1.9 as Joomla! Security Scanner

SmartScanner version 1.9 was released with 22 new tests for Joomla!® and test counts are going to go up!

Tests include Remote Command Execution, Cross-Site Scripting, and SQL Injection in Joomla! core and popular components. To test any Joomla! website against these vulnerabilities, you just need to enter the website URL and click the scan button. SmartScanner automatically detects Joomla! and runs related tests automatically.

ℹ️ SmartScanner has tests for known vulnerabilities in different CMSs. Check the documentation page for more.

We will continue to add more tests for known vulnerabilities to the SmartScanner in the next versions. But SmartScanner is a Smart web vulnerability scanner! It already can find up to 230 vulnerabilities in any web application like Joomla!

Brute Force to find Weak Passwords

SmartScanner can automatically detect login forms and try out common weak passwords. There were few bugs preventing this test which got fixed in this version. Also, a new feature was added to bypass CSRF defending mechanisms in the login forms.

Now SmartScanner can test for common weak user/pass combinations on any login form.

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See change log for details on changes in this version.

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