Test for Drupal and Joomla! vulnerabilities with SmartScanner version 1.4

As of SmartScanner version 1.4 you can test your Joomla! or Drupal website for known security vulnerabilities.

WordPress security test was already covered in the previous versions of SmartScanner and now you can test the security of your website if you’re using Drupal or Joomla!

Automatic Security Scan for WordPress, Drupal and, Joomla!

SmartScanner automatically detects the CMS your website is using and then it will test for known vulnerabilities for that CMS. as of now (version 1.4.0) three CMSs (WordPress, Drupal and, Joomla!) are supported by SmartScanner. Not all known vulnerabilities for these CMSs are covered yet but with each release, new tests will be rolled out.

To get started download SmartScanner and test the security of your website for free.

Check out the change log for more details on new things in version 1.4.0.

Scan security of your website with SmartScanner for free