Vulnerability Assessment of Web Components

One vulnerable library in your web application is enough for hackers to get access to your website. For a thorough website test, you should assess different components of a web application including the operating system, web server, database, CMS, libraries, and extensions.

SmartScanner has many tests for known vulnerabilities on the web. Below are the numbers for the latest Professional versions of SmartScanner.

NodeJs PHP SSL TomCat WordPress Apache .NET Drupal Express IIS Joomla! Nginx Windows Linux
more than 118 tests for known vulnerabilities

Unlike other automated vulnerability assessment tools, SmartScanner doesn’t waste time and resources to run all the tests blindly. It detects installed components and runs the related tests for the identified component. Therefore, the chance of unwanted DoS or getting blocked by WAF is reduced. SmartScanner can detect vulnerabilities more efficiently compared to other vulnerability assessment tools.

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