Vulnerability Assessment of Web Components

Assessing the vulnerability of web components is crucial for ensuring the security of your web application. A single vulnerable component can provide hackers with access to your entire website. To conduct a comprehensive assessment, it’s essential to evaluate various elements, including the operating system, web server, database, content management system (CMS), libraries, and extensions.

SmartScanner offers numerous tests for identifying known vulnerabilities across the web. The latest version of SmartScanner Professional can test for 114 known vulnerabilities.

NodeJs PHP SSL TomCat WordPress Apache .NET Drupal Express IIS Joomla! Nginx Windows Linux
more than 114 tests for known vulnerabilities

Unlike many other automated vulnerability assessment tools, SmartScanner adopts a targeted approach. Instead of blindly running all tests, it intelligently detects installed components and executes relevant tests accordingly. This approach minimizes the risk of unintended Denial of Service (DoS) attacks and reduces the likelihood of being blocked by Web Application Firewalls (WAFs). As a result, SmartScanner can efficiently detect vulnerabilities compared to traditional vulnerability assessment tools.

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