Automated Penetration Testing

Automated Penetration Testing, facilitated by SmartScanner, streamlines the process of evaluating the security of your computer system. In essence, it conducts authorized simulated cyberattacks to assess system defenses against potential threats.

With SmartScanner, initiating a penetration test is effortless. Simply input your website’s address and commence the scan. SmartScanner dynamically probes your website for its utilized technologies and systematically examines over hundreds of vulnerabilities and potential attack vectors.

What sets SmartScanner apart is its tailored approach to each website’s scan process. For instance, if your website does not utilize WordPress, SmartScanner refrains from conducting WordPress-specific tests. Moreover, there’s no need to manually specify your website’s technologies—SmartScanner automatically adapts to the target environment.

Upon identifying a vulnerability, SmartScanner doesn’t halt its investigation. It goes further by attempting to validate and assess the impact. For instance, in cases of command execution vulnerabilities, SmartScanner executes innocuous commands to verify potential impacts.

SmartScanner furnishes severity ratings for detected vulnerabilities and calculates an overall risk score for the target system. Alongside detailed vulnerability reports—including issue descriptions and technical specifics—SmartScanner offers actionable remediation guidance to address identified vulnerabilities.

By leveraging SmartScanner, you can generate comprehensive PDF or HTML reports or export scan findings to a structured JSON file, complete with an executive summary, facilitating thorough analysis and risk assessment.

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